Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Cory Arcangel

Way back in 2002 or 2003 some of the RWC crew went to the Frieze Art Fair in Regents Park, London to see what’s crackin’. It was then that they discovered Cory Arcangel, who arguably has the best name in contemporary art.

Cory Arcangel (born 1978) is a digital artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. His work is concerned with the relationship between technology and culture, and with media appropriation. Basically he uses and abuses technology like PC’s, Gameboys, SNES’, email, etc, etc to make art. If you think of him as a sculptor whose medium is little chunks of 8-Bit Nintendo data you are getting close to understanding what he does.

Being of a similar age to Cory Archangel it was easy for the RWC crew to relate to his work. At the Frieze Art Fair Cory displayed a video diptych. Both projections were hooked up to Super Nintendo’s with one running a hacked Super Mario Brothers cart where everything was erased except the scrolling clouds. The other SNES (to the left) was running a hacked F-14 cart that was displaying an F-14 jet fighter flying off into the infinite clouds of Mario Brothers (to the right). This work had instant appeal aesthetically and conceptually to the RWC crew. It was relevant in so may ways, at the time the use of a fighter jet flying continuously and going nowhere at the same time was a great metaphor for the Gulf War.

If you read about Cory Archangel on the net or hunt down his videos on Youtube you will notice that many people will have beef with what he is doing. The hardcore computer hackers are not impressed by what is simply code re-writing and don’t really understand it in an art context and the traditional art world crowd just think he’s a computer nerd who likes to tinker with no substance to back it up. Like Jeff Koons you are never too sure what side of the fence he is on, genius or phoney, art history maker or chancer? Here are some of our favourite comments from some of Cory’s youtube videos…

“Nice try angel, up to your old tricks. Creating absolute bullshit crap and then trying to pass it off as art. It sickens me to read your interviews and hear all the Artsy journolist trying to describe˛ˇ how "New" and "fresh" your art is. It's shit... and I would love to see you try getting through art school. You don't hold a dim candle to most of the art a first year student creates. You are all Hype, and nothing more. A faker, and you know it too..Am I supposed to take this video seriously?”

“this has go to be˛ˇ a joke/!?”

“I'm not impressed. "Hacking" a Nintendo - basically, breaking a few lines of code here and there - not impressive. And then taking that and setting it to music? Not impressive either. Is this art? Yes. But does it suck? ˛ˇ Yes.”

“Actually his bullshit is the art. Where as some artists make bullshit and pass it for art he kinda just laughs and says it is bull shit, which then makes it an inside to every one. So really he is not so bull shit. I like some of the stuff, some of it is meh, but I˛ˇ mean he produces a ton of work you cant really fault the guy.”

“wow, this is˛ˇ really uninteresting work. i get the motivation, but not much intelligence or inspiration exhibited here.”

It is not only this Andy Kaufman style public debate of whether Arcangel is legit that appeals to the RWC crew, obviously growing up in the 80’s and 90’s we had first hand experience discovering and playing with the tools of his trade, and so Cory Arcangel’s experiments are easy to relate to. What is interesting about his work, which often perpetuates the ‘genius or phoney, art history maker or chancer’ argument is the fact that he rarely has any idea of how the equipment he is using actually works.

“I have such a hard time with Photoshop 7 and can barley accomplish anything with it. It’s always telling me some layer is locked or needs to be rastered or whatever there is. Half of the time the things I am trying to accomplish don’t happen cause I am so stupid and bad at it. I am serious here, but I can’t figure out how to draw a line. I don’t think I have the right “line module” so every time I try to draw a line it comes an arrow. And when I try to switch the line preset it says I only have the arrow available.”

One of his more recent works gives you instructions on how to make it in Photoshop eliminating the role of the artist completely, again Arcangel and Koons have this in common, just watch this video of Koons’ studio, I bet he hasn’t gotten paint on his shiny sneakers since 1986. In fact Cory Arcangel tells you how to make most of his work on his website.

Photoshop CS: 110 by 72 inches, 300 DPI, RGB, square pixels, default gradient "Spectrum", mousedown y=1098 x=1749.9, mouse up y=0 x=4160

This work addresses the role of technology in determining the way that viewers appreciate art. The medium determines the outcome, not the artist. His Adult Contemporary exhibition work uses many of these themes, this is what he had to say about it…

"Imagine me buying some video equipment off of eBay, turning it on, pressing some random buttons, and then calling whatever comes out my ‘work.’ This mind-set is the spirit of Adult Contemporary. In contrast to some of my older work, which exercised a somewhat subversive use of modern digital tools, the pieces in this show are inspired by the idea of using technology exactly as it was designed, although in a manner best described as ‘non-expert.’ What if the possibility of using a system poorly in an uneducated manner were celebrated? What if I, as an artist, attached my name to the aesthetics of different eras of technology without really bothering to do my homework or even reading the manual (so to speak)?”

Arcangel's work has appeared in many museums, including MOMA, The Whitney Biennial, The New Museum and the MCA Chicago among others. So with all these credentials he must be doing something right, right? Well the mainstream art world are taking him seriously but is he just tagging them along? He does consider himself a ‘comedian’ according to his own website. OK, the RWC crew have decided where Archangel sits in the art world, is he a chancer or a genius? Either way whether he is a chancer or a genius we are glad we purchased one of his F1 landscape prints for $26 years ago because you sure as hell can’t buy them for that now.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Jeff Koons Rules

Jeff Koons has been one of Rost’s (RWC) favourite artists for a while now. He is an American Pop artist best known for his giant reproductions of banal objects such as balloon animals produced in stainless steel with mirror finish surfaces.

The RWC crew are fans for a couple of reasons…

  1. In 1991, he married Italian-born pornography star Cicciolina (Ilona Staller) who for five years (1987–1992) pursued an alternate career as a member of the Italian parliament. His Made in Heaven series of paintings, photographs, and sculptures portrayed the couple in explicit sexual positions and created even more controversy.
  1. Critics are sharply divided in their views of Koons. Some view his work as pioneering and of major art-historical importance. Others dismiss his work as kitsch: crass and based on cynical self-merchandising.

Koons studied painting at art school and after college, he worked as a Wall Street commodities broker while establishing himself as an artist. He gained recognition in the 1980s and subsequently set up a factory-like studio in a SoHo loft on the corner of Houston and Broadway in New York. It was staffed with over 30 assistants, each assigned to a different aspect of producing his work—in a similar mode as Andy Warhol's Factory only with less drugs and drop-outs.

Koons' work has sold for huge amounts of cash. In 2001, one of his three Michael Jackson and Bubbles porcelain sculptures sold for $5.6 million. On November 14, 2007, a magenta Hanging Heart, one of five in different colors, sold at Sotheby's New York for $23.6 million becoming, at the time, the most expensive piece by a living artist ever auctioned.

A couple years back the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) announced plans to build a Jeff Koons sculpture called "Train": a 70-foot tall replica of a 1943 Baldwin hanging from a 161-foot-tall construction crane. The train would sound its horn, spin its wheels and puff smoke from its smokestack at regular intervals throughout the day. Estimated to require about $25 million to get built, "Train" will be one of the most expensive works ever commissioned by a museum. Due to the recession the completion date has been pushed back from 2012 to 2014. The RWC crew are not convinced it will get built, but we can live and hope.

Like Takashi Murakami, Koons likes to explore and blur the distinction between low, commercial aesthetics and high art. In 2006 Koons collabed with NYC skate giants Supreme and created a series of 3 limited edition skateboard graphics entitled ‘Monkey Train’.

Phil Mcgee and Barry Frost

The Prism Gallery recently opened in LA with a massive exhibition by two the RWC crews favs, Phil Frost and Barry McGee. Mindthegap was curated by RVCA, ANP Quarterly and Artist Network Program’s P.M. Tenore. The opening was graced with many a celeb including Anthony Kiedis...The RWC crew have just found this short video showing the installation and opening night, a small savior for not actually being able to go to the actually exhibition.

MindTheGap from RVCA on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Conor Harrington

Conor Harrington has been one of Rost's favourite painters for some time now. Check out this video....

Also, how have we never found www.babelgum.com before.

Monday, 7 December 2009

The Seventh Letter - Hense

In the past couple of years the quality of graff vids has increased through the roof...Check this shit out...

Directed & Filmed by: Candice House and Brian Smith
Edited & Produced by: Vincent Aricco and Michael Matassa
Sound design by: Jimmy Guthrie


An experimental comedy about tennis balls, dancing cars, and God.


Friday, 4 December 2009

Iran Got Game

The RWC crew captured this video footage on a recent trip to Iran. Break dancing in this video are B-Boy's Shahram Kharchang, Reza Bache, Mehdi Tony and Ahmad Lore. Parachute pants never looked so good. Big up Sam Summerskill (http://www.debutart.com) for the link.

Yeah Soul Train Rules

Monday, 30 November 2009


The brand new, all singing, all dancing, porn fest that is the RWC website is now live and waiting for you to play with it. Designed and made by Rost and the Wrong Brothers, It has hundreds of secret buttons so don't be scared to explore it....

Twatfest 2009

The hottest joints, mad exclusives and big dawg artists...+ Tim 'Clueless Twat Face' Westwood. The RWC crew are not mad Chase and Status fans, but...Shit me they are cool compared to that twat.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Audio Surf vs Axelrod

The RWC crew just discovered Audio Surf, basically it makes a mental computer game like video to tracks you upload....


David Axelrod - The Mental Traveler

Thursday, 26 November 2009


If you are looking to step up your game in the record biz, WHY not hire Blake Maxwell to help you out...

WHY?'s new manager, Blake Maxwell from anticon. on Vimeo.

Yoni introduces Blake to Shaun from anticon. on Vimeo.

Blake lands WHY? their first endorsement from anticon. on Vimeo.

Josiah has troubles with the endorsement from anticon. on Vimeo.

Meet WHY?'s legendary creative partner from anticon. on Vimeo.

Yoni and Legendary get to work from anticon. on Vimeo.

Doug, 100% on-board from anticon. on Vimeo.

Yoni, Blake, and Legendary visit Capitol from anticon. on Vimeo.

Kimmel from anticon. on Vimeo.

Blake finds WHY? a home from anticon. on Vimeo.

Guess who's Back?

Themselves - "Oversleeping" in Utah from anticon. on Vimeo.

The RWC crew have been huge Anticon records fans for time now. Over the years we've managed to catch Sole, Dosh, Pedestrian, Telephone Jim Jesus, Why and Subtle live. We'd slowly grown used to the fact that we'd never be able to watch Themselves live due to a split. Recently in Bristol they played and we saw them....Hooray for Anticon.

Themselves - Roman Is As Roman Does from anticon. on Vimeo.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

DGK - Dirty Guernsey Kids

Some of the Guernland skaters (Mop, Greg, Callum and Barry) hit up Barca last weekend for a wee skate weekender, here is some of the footage via Barry Dring...

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Go Get Your Shine Box

Rost from the RWC crew has work in this great group exhibition 'Go Get Your Shinebox' at the Brooklynite Gallery in NY, which opens on Saturday 21st November.

Check this great stop motion animation that they have made to promote the exhibition....

You can play spot the shinebox.

For more info check out their website...


Thursday, 12 November 2009


The RWC crew absolutely love Swoon despite that American accent that rises at the end of sentences...We also love collaborating.

Check out her latest project, it rules...

In October 2009, NYC artist Swoon and five friends came to Portland, Maine, and transformed SPACE Gallery into a playful, dreamlike, earth-hued environment. This video shows the installation process and the opening reception of this breathtaking show, and gives a glimpse into the artists' visions that inspired their work.

SPACE Gallery, Portland, Maine
10.15.2009 - 12.18.2009
A collaborative art installation by Swoon, Monica Canilao, Conrad Carlson, Ryan C Doyle, Ben Wolf, Greg Henderson, and friends.

For more info about Swoon, SPACE Gallery, and the DISTANCE DON'T MATTER show, please visit http://space538.org/

To hear more music by Pine Smoke Lodge, who provided the score for this project, please visit http://myspace.com/existentialclothre...

To see more videos by the filmmakers, visit
http://www.youtube.com/dcamlin and

Mix Cloud

If like some the RWC crew you are sat in front of a computer for about 70% of the day you probably listen to a lot of music. If you haven't discovered either Mix Cloud or Sound Cloud yet then quite sleeping...

76 from the RWC crew has a featured mix on Mix Cloud at the moment...

Some people are beefing about not being able to download the mixes on Mix Cloud, if you are a trusty Mac user you can get around this by doing the following...

use Safari, when its buffering go window then activity, copy the biggest file there which is the stream to the mp3 file, go to window again and paste the link into your downloads.

Bob's your uncle. Got around the system.

Now go and enjoy good free music.


Monday, 9 November 2009

Shit Happens

By Sam Arthur / UK / 2006, Bertie is in a coma whilst his wife enjoys the high life. Witness the rise and fall of this couple living under the Heathrow airport flight path. Based on a real phenomenon airlines would rather we didn't know about, this film is a little thing with a lot of impact.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Sufjan Stevens

Arrrrrgh two of the RWC crews favourite things come together in an awesome display of awesomenessity...Hula Hooping and Sufjan Stevens.

BQE - A film by Sufjan Stevens, Photography by Reuben Kleiner and Sufjan Stevens,Music by Sufjan Stevens, Edited by Malcolm Hearn, Rueben Kleiner, and Sufjan Stevens.

Not sure how we missed this one, BQE came out on October 20th.

The CD artwork also features some amazing typography...

Sufjan Stevens is proud to present The BQE, a cinematic suite inspired by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and the Hula-Hoop. Commissioned by Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), The BQE was originally performed in the Howard Gilman Opera House in celebration of the 25th anniversary Next Wave Festival in October of 2007.

The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway is an incidental 12.7 miles of urban roadway built over the course of several decades (1939-1964), spear-headed by the master architect Robert Moses to accommodate for the increase of commercial and commuter traffic in New York City's outer boroughs. The roadway was a painstaking piecemeal project, poorly planned, badly built, and relentlessly encumbered by the obvious obstacles of the era: red tape, neighborhood protests, World War II, and a congested borough whose sequestering layout proved ill-fitting for the automobile. The resulting expressway-a pockmarked, serpentine, congested BQE-has become one of Brooklyn's most notable icons of urban blight. And, for Sufjan Stevens, an object of unmitigated inspiration.

The official album release of The BQE follows nearly two years after its original performance at BAM, providing the songwriter (and his various collaborators) ample time to wrestle out all the thematic incarnations of the project, and to attempt an appropriation of Wagner's Gesamtkunstwerk ("total work"). The resulting album might be best described as a grand creative franchise-incorporating movie, symphony, comic book, dissertation, photography, graphic design, and a 3-D Viewmaster® reel-in which a songwriter's interrogation of one of New York's ugliest landmarks expands athletically to forums and formulas outside of the song itself. In fact, the BQE is everything but a song.

First and foremost, The BQE is a self-made home-movie documentation, exhibiting how all the architectural colors of Brooklyn and Queens are fabulously intersected by this ramshackle artery of highway traffic. Shot renegade style on do-it-yourself film cameras, the animated footage of grid-lock crisscrossing the brick and mortar of Brooklyn flickers and cascades Koyaanisqatsi-style on three simultaneous screens. The 16mm cinematography (heroically shot by Reuben Kleiner on a 1960s Bolex) utilizes time-lapse photography, in-camera editing, slow motion, and post-production mirror effects to transform urban blight into a splendor of graphic compositions.

The BQE is also accompanied by an idiosyncratic musical soundtrack (composed by Stevens for band and chamber orchestra), evoking a romanticized musical choreography of perpetual motion vs. gridlock. Borrowing variously from Gershwin, Terry Riley, Charles Ives, and Autechre (to name a few), the music showcases skittish woodwinds wrestling out impressionist articulation (in 7/8) and imperial brass anthems evoking various incarnations of the music of the automobile.

The BQE further extends its mythology by anthropomorphizing the expressway and its theoretical conceits into a 40-page comic book (cover by Matt Loux, masthead by Christian Acker), in which three extra-terrestrial superhero sisters (Botanica, Quantus, and Electress) use hula-hoops to combat the "the Messiah of Civic Projects," Captain Moses, and his totalitarian social architecture. The comic book, written by Stevens and gorgeously drawn, colored, and inked by longtime friend and collaborator Stephen Halker, visualizes in graphic form many of the political motifs of the movie and soundtrack: mid-century urban theory, modernism, post-modernism, hoop dynamics, and the spiritual practice of Subud.

By incorporating an anachronistic graphic novel, the album utilizes artifacts from the Golden Age of the American highway (1930s-1960s). This also inspired the inclusion of a stereoscopic Viewmaster® reel. Seven 3-D images-also created by Stephen Halker-are meant to accompany the seven movements of The BQE. While an ostensibly gimmicky object of kitsch, the 3-D reel, upon closer inspection, becomes a fitting metaphor for the thematic premises posed by the BQE: its circular geometry mirrors the hula hoop, its numerology (seven divisions) runs parallel to the seven movements of the musical suite, and its historical circumstances shed light on the modernist themes of the album. Originally unveiled at the World's Fair of 1939 in Flushing, Queens, the Viewmaster promoted 3-D panoramic illusions of the American landscape (the Grand Canyon, the Redwoods, New York City, for instance), advertising various tourist destinations as a way to inspire American drivers to boldly go (via automobile and super highway) where no man has gone before. Incidentally, the first portion of the BQE included the Kosciusko Bridge, connecting the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens over Newtown Creek as an efficient means of funneling tourist traffic to the World's Fair. From this reading, the BQE and the Viewmaster reel are odd accomplices in the modernist conspiracy to mobilize Americans nationwide.

Many of these thematic abstractions are rendered as a meandering social treatise-via prose-poem psychobabble liner notes by Sufjan Stevens. In this case, the songwriter borrows from multiple theoretical sources to evoke how the vainglorious battle between the "Artist" and the "Object of Inspiration" ultimately leads to self-absorption, existential exhaustion, and morbid futility in the Finding The Right Metaphor. For Stevens, this metaphor (in its struggle to creatively render an object as irreducible as the BQE) expands into a multitude of forms and figures, like a shape-shifting chimera of infinite significance-resulting in an album that refuses to be just one thing.

The BQE is available as a double-disc format (CD/DVD), which includes the original 16mm/8mm film (in widescreen "triptych" display), the original motion picture soundtrack, a 40-page booklet (with extensive liner notes and photographs), and the stereoscopic image reel (playable in all View-Master® viewers).

The limited edition vinyl is available as a double gatefold and includes the soundtrack on 180-gram vinyl, a large-scale 32-page booklet with liner notes and photographs, and a black-and-white version of the 40-page Hooper Heroes comic book.

A fully colored version of the comic book is available separately.

If you are unfamiliar with Sufjan Stevens watch this fan-made video for John Wayne Gacy Jr...

..and then read about him on Wikipedia, he's an interesting fella.


Thursday, 5 November 2009

Weapon of Choice vs Viva Las Vegas

Ann Margret is hotter then Christopher Walken so she takes it...

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Let's Twist

The RWC crew keep on finding some real good looking documentary trailers on Youtube...

Trailer for the essential 1992 documentray on the Twist dance craze. If you love anything 60s or dancing this documentary will blow your mind. Directed by Ron Mann and featuring Chubby Checker, Hank Ballard and many more. The film aslo features footage from the temple of the twist The Peppermint Lounge as well as vintage footage from the Whiskey A Go-Go.

The RWC crew love this amazing short film about about a Twist demonstration in 1962 at a Chicago theatre. Joe Cavalier does the best twisting dance here we have ever seen.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Pan's People

In the late 60's and throughout most of the 70's before music videos Pan's People appeared weekly on Top of the Pops when an act was unable to perform live. The RWC crew love the way they danced around and looked sexy.

In 1974 a dance routine where Dee Dee and Louise gyrated on cushions wearing see-through costumes with sequined nipple covers hit up the BBC. This is quite possibly the best thing that has ever happened because of Top of the Pops. Watch it on the clip above at 2mins.

Here are a few more classics Pan's performances...

With Georgie Fame in 1969 doing Seventh Son

1973 Ike and Tina Turner - Nutbush City Limits

The RWC Crew think it is a bit strange that these little hussies now probably enjoy watching Countdown and going to church socials.

Saturday, 31 October 2009

The Fun Theory

This has been kicking around for a little while...Anyways just thought we'd post it....

More info here....


Friday, 30 October 2009

King of the World

The RWC crew think this man should be the king of the world...Great little film about soda pops.

To order soda: http://www.sodapopstop.com/

John Nese is the proprietor of Galcos Soda Pop Stop in LA. His father ran it as a grocery store, and when the time came for John to take charge, he decided to convert it into the ultimate soda-lovers destination. About 500 pops line the shelves, sourced lovingly by John from around the world. John has made it his mission to keep small soda-makers afloat and help them find their consumers. Galcos also acts as a distributor for restaurants and bars along the West Coast, spreading the gospel of soda made with cane sugar (no high-fructose corn syrup if John can avoid it).

Thursday, 29 October 2009


Yeah but it does not smell like a box of old records...

Monday, 26 October 2009


It's been a while since the RWC crew posted a good musical post...


Go and play. If you dig this hunt down the Flaming Lips album Zaireeka.

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Paul Robertson is a lunatic, check out this animation for proof, Kings of Power 4Billion%, good title too.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Rub My Pole

Some of the RWC crew used to reside in lovely Pompey and so this film is even more amusing as this was our local haunt. This film/doc is about the working community of people at Elegance strip club/Portsmouth...This Documentary holds an enigmatic and humorously voyeuristic style, where by the three main characters contemplate the up's and down's (pun intended) of the job.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Not Blow-Up Dolls

Jan is an expert!!! She even remembers "the kind you stick in".

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

For the Record...

This is another documentary to hunt down if like the RWC crew you like collecting. Excerpt from "For the Record", a documentary by Leah Biel about record collectors and collecting. This preview shows the roll call of collectors interviewed in the documentary.

The film, in its one-hour entirety, had its world premiere on Saturday, May 30, in Washington, D.C., at the 43rd annual Association for Recorded Sound Collections conference.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Groove On.

Whilst on a record tip, here are a few more goodies....

Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Archive

Any regular readers will know that the blogging in the last week has been nonexistent. The RWC crew have been in Bristol for the last 8 days having a bit of a working holiday. Rosto was exceptionally pleased about seeing his special lady friend...Anyway blogging is back up to full steam again...

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Wednesday, 30 September 2009


The RWC crew have just found a nice little edit of a 300m2 mural in the center of Amsterdam. Painted by Zedz, Lordh, Morcky, The Boghe, Wayne Horse and The London Police.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Futura 2009

Futura is in Germany doing a spot of colouring at the moment. Rosto from RWC met him a few years back in NYC, nice fella. Mad skills.

FUTURA´s ODYSSEY TWO, berlin - germany 2009 from ruedione on Vimeo.

Monday, 21 September 2009

Vigilante Vigilante

Part investigative journalism, part personal crusade, Vigilante Vigilante is a renegade documentary that jumps directly into the cultural fray over graffiti and illegal street expression. Filmmakers Max Good and Nathan Wollman document their mission to uncover the identity of a prolific anti-graffiti vigilante known as the "Silver Buff." Strangely, the Silver Buff is himself a vandal; he surreptitiously spray paints metallic silver blobs over existing graffiti, almost always doing more damage than was there to begin with.

The film steadily ventures deeper into the world of graffiti and street expression through the eyes of practitioners, opponents, fans, and authorities. Graffiti writers from both coasts give their perspectives on what it means to write and why they do it. The film also profiles three other infamous vigilantes: LA’s “Graffiti Guerilla,” Joe Connolly, New Orleans’ “Gray Ghost,” Fred Radtke, and Portland’s “Silver Circle,” Ron Engman.

Ultimately, Vigilante Vigilante is a unique exploration of the individual drive to express oneself and affect one's environment. Through the passion of its most dedicated detractors and advocates, it is clear that graffiti is much more than just insignificant scrawl on a wall. Whether seen as dangerous, disrespectful, and anarchistic or inspiring, free, and revolutionary, graffiti is anything but unimportant.

Watch the trailer here.


Ghetto Guuuuurrrrlfriend!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Ride BMX vs James Harrison

Guernsey has got some mad talent....Local BMXer and film maker James Harrison took part in Ride BMX's 'Ride to Glory' this year. Vote for the Profile Bmx team video here...


If they win he gets to take part again next year...

Big Up the Dance

DJ 76 from the RWC crew played a rockin' set last night of classic 50's & 60's Rock 'n' Roll, Be-Bop, Ska, Jazz and classics. Some people busted some classic dance moves...If you don't know your Mash Potato from your Twist, Learn to dance...

Friday, 18 September 2009

Thursday, 17 September 2009

More 2 Dazed

Local doodle killer and RWC crew hombre Strictly Biz has just uploaded his and Cal Gleeson's section from 2 Dazed on the Rock...


A genius interview with Brooklyn based artist, Dain. Another gem of a film from Brooklynite gallery.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My A.D.I.D.A.S

Not sure how the RWC crew missed this last year, oh well!

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

William Spencer Has Skills

Too Dazed on the Rock

Kiki and Rosto from RWC knocked together a short section for the premier of 'Too Dazed on the Rock 3'. Too Dazed is a locally filmed skate movie set to make Guernsey skaters get productive and creative. Skaters work in pairs to film a short section over two days on the weekend and then they have 5 days to edit the film. All the sections are then compiled and screened at the Centre Fold Gallery with the premier being the first time that all the skaters see each others sections...

Kiki and Rosto

2 DAZED ON THE ROCK 3 from Liam Gleeson on Vimeo.

Mop, Lime, Jake and Disco Steve

Nick Brouard and Craig Corlett

Barry Dring and PJ from Too Dazed 2008

Mop and Lime from Too Dazed 2008

Monday, 14 September 2009

The Artist Formally Known As Mudwig

Mudwig has a new website on the go....check him out, he's one of our favourites.


Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Nike Cube - P. Rod

Ice Cube is not the only cameo in this P. Rod/Nike SB ad. Badass.

Down with TLP, yeah you know me

The London Police have an exhibition coming up at the Carmichael Gallery in Los Angeles soon. Here's a funny little video.

Find out more here....


Monday, 7 September 2009

Jersey Live

The RWC Crew hit up Jersey Live at the weekend and did a bit of painting whilst we were there. Big up to Sao and Spoon our Jersey connections.

The music at Jersey Live was a bit tosh this year with the highlights being two french bands. Curry and Coco are a Keyboardist and a drummer that play catchy electro indie pop.

Smoke by Curry and Coco

find out more here


The only thing to top Curry and Coco were Gablé, a trio from Caen in France. Hints of The Books and Animal Collective here, well worth checking them out live.

Find out more about them here...


Friday, 4 September 2009

Broken Dreams...literally

The RWC crew are not too sure how to feel about this....Skate films just got arty and dark....

2009 Transworld Skate & Create - C1RCA Broken Dreams


Whilst we are on an old school tip check out this old graff film. First shown on Channel 4 in the UK, Bombin' chronicles the journey of NY artist Brim through the UK media, as well as meeting a young Goldie, who in turn travels to NYC to meet Afrika Baambaata. This was filmed at the times of the Birmingham riots and shows the parallels of life in the inner city on both sides of the Atlantic. Bad!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Not Bad Meaning Bad, but Bad Meaning Good

The RWC crew have just found this bad ass documentary on UK Hip Hop. Check out baby-faced Westwood and Trevor Nelson as well as DJ Fingers cutting up Tom Jones. Bad! London Posse at the end totally kill it, look out for Rodney P. BAD!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

3ft High and Still Rising

The RWC crew can't believe this shit is 20 years old. Sooooooo fresh.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

RWC vs Killa and Instinct

A little while ago, DRED from RWC designed an image to be laser engraved onto the B-side of Killa and Instincts dub-plate for one of their tunes...

hear more here....



Nice little Dalek interview from BKRW.


Back in the day some of the RWC crew used to be right little BMX Bandits. We still have an interest in all things with two wheels, nowadays we are not just exclusively into BMX. Jam Factory & M4KINOV in Bristol have been working on a fixie film called BÖIKZMÖIND. We have a sneaky suspicion that Guernsey boy Blackcloud might have had some input into the title loike!

Peep the trailer and look out for Blackcloud on the orange frame...I think we spotted a sneaky peek of 45rpm too.

BOIKZMOIND Trailer from Xynthetic on Vimeo.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Foreign Perverts vs The Shlontaxsynstig

This is the sickest thing the RWC crew have seen all year...

Kingdom of the unreal but also a higher state of being, ultimately free of the limitations of the material world through the agency of science, technology, and imagination.


Peep everyone here:


We are glad to see it's blowing up for RWC hombres, the Foreign Beggars...Even Kanye West has blogged this shit....

Friday, 28 August 2009

Spike Jonze is a Genius

And these are just his interviews...Hunt down every single film he has had anything to do with.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

You saw it here first.

Aaron Rose, a film director, art show curator and writer from the Beautiful Losers art movement, describes the complicated process involved in boiling a pot of water. The RWC crew are not sure what this is all about, but it has Aaron Rose in it so it must be cool. Only 22 views at the time of posting, the RWC crew really have their finger on the pulse.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Espo AKA Stephen Powers is up to his old tricks again...


Drugs Are Bad

"Hey mum, can I go to Glade festival with Tom?"
"You know I don't like that Tom boy, you're hanging out with the wrong crowd"
"But mum all my friends are going and it's going to be fun"
"OK, you can go on one condition, don't do any drugs"
"OK I promise"

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Pulling Stunts

"Yeah bruv, I be stunting on ma nans wheelchair yeah?"

Thursday, 20 August 2009