Saturday, 30 October 2010

Badman Barry

Honorary Guern and RWC friend Barry Dring has got some serious moves...Check

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Back To The Future

Ruddy hell, call Mulder and Scully, here's one for the X-Files....or maybe it's Sam from Quantum Leap, that would explain the big shoes. Either way this video is doing the rounds on the internet at the moment. Is it a time traveling butch OAP or is it just a crazy old lady talking into a shoe....

Dan Witz

The RWC crew have just received an email from Dan Witz promoting his summer project WTF....Did we forget to mention these are paintings. Yep WTF.

BBC Radiophonic Workshop

The RWC crew first became really aware of how awesome the BBC Radiophonic Workshop really were after hearing a track by a band called White Noise on Pete Fowler's 'The Sounds Of Monsterism Island' a few years back.
After hearing this amazing track Rost did some research and discovered that Delia Derbyshire who is well known for her work with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and her help in creating the Dr.Who theme was responsible for it. Of all the BBC Radiophonic musicians, Delia's music seems more aesthetically mature than that of the others, she often created haunting, off kilter and often sexually charged music. This track is from the 1969 The White Noise - Electric Storm LP and sounds 30 years ahead of it's time. 

If you are interested in this watch the following documentary that explores every aspect of the experimental work carried out by the Radiophonic Workshop, true pioneers. Keep an eye out for the clock and the spooky man that seem to be in every shot.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Vicky Meets Sam

Great little short film about falling in love, writing movies and story telling....Not sure about the dodgy Scottish accent though.
Vicky and Sam from Nuno Rocha on Vimeo.


The RWC crew don't tend to post skate sections often, but this one is killer.
Albert Nyberg for Newsoul Skateboards

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Be A Graffitier King

I'm 99% sure the RWC crew have blogged this before, but Rost just randomly found it again. It's sooooo good it needs to be re-blogged.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Funktually Sublime

The RWC crew have checked out a few videos from Funktuall, he likes to trace the origins of samples in Hip Hop. Just recently he posted these videos on where Bradley Nowell from Sublime sampled/covered snippets of Reggae songs. A must see if you are fans of either Sublime or Reggae.  Keep checking back to his page for updates. Here is parts 1 & 2.

Monday, 18 October 2010


Improv Everywhere kill it again.

Foreign Beggars

Two years ago the RWC crew had the pleasure of hooking up with Foreign Beggars and bringing them over to Guernsey for a series of dope workshops that seriously inspired the local scene, and we will forever have props for them...Last year they dropped this amazing video with the Scratch Perverts, Syntax, Shlomo and Stig. This year they are still on top of the game and pushing forward...Check....

R.I.P Eyedea

Sunday, 17 October 2010

The Beat of New York

THE BEAT OF NEW YORK from tim hahne on Vimeo.
The RWC crew love New York and this short film catches the vibe perfectly. The soundtrack is a remix of the subway drummer. More info here.

Team Ironlak

Ironlak US Team @ 33third Los Angeles from 33third Los Angeles on Vimeo.
Augor, Enue, Ewok, Jaes and Pose represent in L.A.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Whole World

Chris Sauter from Mark & Angela Walley on Vimeo.
A short documentary made in association with that follows the process of artist Chris Sauter as he creates an installation entitled "The Whole World". Curated by Alison Hearst and Leslie Murrell of Subtext Projects as part of the exhibition Wish You Were Here at the Fort Worth Contemporary Arts Gallery. For more information on the artist visit his website at

Thursday, 14 October 2010

More Freights

Last week the RWC crew posted a blog about freight train hopping. Today we found a great short film by Alison Murray. Made in 2000 where she embarks on a hobo's journey across Canada and the US. As a bonus the soundtrack is pretty much the whole of Beck's Mellow Gold album.
Train On The Brain from Bob Billy on Vimeo.
Stolen from Boing Boing.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I'm Still Here - The Lost Year Of Joaquin Phoenix

I'm Still Here | The Lost Year of Joaquin Phoenix from AJANAKU on Vimeo.
I'm Still Here is a portrayal of a tumultuous year in the life of actor Joaquin Phoenix. With remarkable access, the documentary follows the Oscar-nominee as he announces his retirement from a successful film career in the fall of 2008 and sets off to reinvent himself as a hip hop musician. The film is a portrait of an artist at a crossroads and explores notions of courage and creative reinvention, as well as the ramifications of a life spent in the public eye......OR Joaquin Phoenix went mental and in what is either a stroke of genius or voyeuristic cruelty, his brother-in-law, Casey Affleck, taped all of it.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Religion/Comedy, Same Thing Right?

Token Banksy Post

Well, here at the RWC headquarters we have a limited yearly token Banksy post, I think this year though we might of had one already. Anyway in the strangest possible Simpsons guest spot ever, Banksy does the intro, you couldn't get much more post-modern if you tried.

Friday, 8 October 2010

The Good The Bad

 The RWC crew love a sexy music video and quite frankly it doesn't get much better than this. Shouts to the Duke of Peckham for this one. Check The Good The Bad out here.

'030' by The Good The Bad (UNCUT) from 030 on Vimeo.

More Die Antwoord

The RWC crew were hyping Die Antwoord back in February and now it seems the rest of the world has finally caught on. This video is amazing.

Thursday, 7 October 2010


The RWC crew love watching the birds, but those professional 'Twitchers' are proper strange people...

Praying Mantis catches Humming Bird...

Here's a link to the RWC crews favourite twitcher.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Monday, 4 October 2010

More GWAR please

When I Grow Up I want to be a Spaceman

Rost from the RWC crew has always been fascinated by the universe. Recently Mevs posted a link to this awesome website where Rost learned all about this planet. 

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Friday, 1 October 2010


The RWC crew has been a big fan of the documentary ‘Who Is Bozo Texino?’ by Bill Daniels for some time now. Just this week Revok posted a link to this website via his blog, the link documents a recent cross country trip from L.A. to New Orleans. The resulting images reminded the RWC crew how interesting the act of freighthopping actually is, and in turn we watched ‘Who Is Bozo Texino?’ again.

In the United States, freighthopping became a common means of transportation following the American Civil War as the railroads began pushing westward. This method of travelling became popular with hobos, who would travel the country going from job to job.

Today, the practice is forbidden in all states in the U.S., though it is still practiced. In recent decades, the traditional role of hobos as itinerant workers has fallen off. Most itinerant workers in modern times have automobiles and drive between jobs. Freighthopping became mainly used by the homeless population, thrill-seekers, anarchists who have adopted the practice as an expression of a revolutionary lifestyle, and people who enjoy traveling across the countryside under the open air. Contrary to popular belief, most freighthopping is not done by thrill-seekers who ride very short distances; rather, most freighthoppers tend to use freight trains as their primary means of cross-country transportation.

Many of the people hopping trains use monikers (a wonderful Irish word that means nickname) and leave ‘hobo tags’ on their travels. These drawings are usually made with oil-based markers on the sides of freight trains. The practice of ‘hobo tags’ pre-dates spraypaint train graffiti by decades.

‘Who is Bozo Texino?’ chronicles the search for the source of a ubiquitous and mythic rail graffiti-- a simple sketch of a character with an infinity-shaped hat and the scrawled moniker, "Bozo Texino"-- a drawing seen on railcars for over 80 years.  Daniel's gritty black and white film uncovers a secret society and its underground universe of hobo and railworker graffiti, and includes interviews with legendary boxcar artists, Coaltrain, Herby, Colossus of Roads, and The Rambler.  Shooting over a 16-year period, Daniel rode freights across the West carrying a Super-8 sound camera and a 16mm Bolex. During his quest he discovered the roots of a folkloric tradition that has gone mostly unnoticed for a century.

The film also features a few modern day trainhoppers, among them folk artist Margaret Kilgallen. In addition to her commissioned mural work, Kilgallen was also a graffiti artist under the tag names "Meta" and "Matokie Slaughter, The latter name, a homage to folk musician Matokie Slaughter, was specifically used for freight train graffiti. If you don’t know who she was (she died age 33 in 2001) go find out, she was an amazing artist.

If all that sounds like your dream holiday read this.