Saturday, 29 November 2008

Willy or Won't He?

This is what Maths lessons at school were all about.

Thursday, 27 November 2008


This may have been posted before...oh well.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Collecting Art Has Never Been So Cool.

Herb Vogel was a postal clerk and Dorothy Vogel was a librarian and between their modest salaries they quietly built one of the world’s most important collections of modern art. The couple have collected 4000+ pieces of minimalist and conceptual art since the early 1960’s.

While Herb freely admits he “doesn’t understand” much of what he collects, the two nevertheless exhibit a palpable, fiercely instinctual connection to art. Their three pre-requisites: It must be affordable, it must be transportable via subway or taxi, and it must fit into the modest apartment they share with turtles, fish and a cat.


For more info on the Vogel's...

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Awesome Art Co-labs R Us

From the age of two Cohen’s watercolor paintings have traveled the globe to a “Who’s who” of modern art, spanning graffitists, fine artists, printmakers, tattoo artists, as well as clothing and toy designers. Once in the artists’ possession,they have carte blanche to do whatever they wish to one of Cohen’s watercolors before shipping it back to eager little hands. The project has led to several art shows and his own skateboard design for Foundation.

RWC Still Loves Harmony Korine

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Mr_Hopkinsons Computer

The RWC crew were lucky enough to catch a live performance by Mr_Hopkinson's Computer on their recent trip to Bristol. If you don't know what Mr_Hopkinson's Computer is, then check this...

Audrey 3000 feat. Mr. Hopkinson's Computer - Baby I Got Your Money

Basically Mr_Hopkinson's Computer is a computer that belongs to Mr Hopkinson that really likes to sing cover versions of popular hits. Genius.

Well. Mr Hopkinson has recently mashed up a Beardy Man performance, check this...

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Knights of thee Wet Shame Table

This weekend sees the opening of ‘SMOKING JACKETS FOR JERRY’ an exhibition by KUILDOOSH at the Brooklynite Gallery, yep you’ve guessed it, in Brooklyn, New York.

KUILDOOSH (pronounced Coo-el-doosh) and WET (s)SHAME KNIGHTS (WSK or WSSK) are both part and parcel of the same creative package from the South West England.

The 3 artists behind the duel crew identity are

KUILDOOSH are so far ahead of the game that most regular street art heads don’t even get it.

The RWC crew are in love with WSK/KUILDOOSH. Rosto and Dred had the pleasure of meeting Mudwig at Mr Jagos opening at Stolenspace earlier this year. They had a little chat about coming to Guernsey and so a plan was hatched. WATCH THIS SPACE.

The beauty in WSK/KUILDOOSH is the mix of styles that the three artists bring to the table. This clash of styles has led to the emergence of an unpredictable and experimental style that takes its inspiration from a wide field of references: Nazi iconography, Dadaism, pop culture, Futurism, Victorian dress, graphic design, isometric drawings and a bizarre use of Middle English. Unlike most graffiti crews WSK/KUILDOOSH seem to be as well known not only for their paintings but also their approach/ethos.

Sodden earth of home countys now swealtering 'neath the Rhinosceruses horn. Pummeled by powder, these Gods knew of great times still echoing in the lost lands and simple peoples. Or so it seemed when we set sail... Now all was transmotifying, bursting blossoms of infinite stillness, poaring as the sphere of all we knew slipped into the dusty night - Kuildoosh

Guy Mckinley and Showchicken - Partly Beast, Partly Foul

For the last couple of months the RWC crew have fallen off their game a little and started taking things a little too seriously. They lost their ability to mock everyone and everything, they became subdued and complacent and worst of all they lost their progressive attitude and their ability to lie. Well, all that is about to change. 2009 is the year of the Readerswives Collective, They are itching to get going and in fact they can’t even wait until 2009.

In the coming weeks, Guy Mckinley and Showchicken will be gracing Guernsey's shores to use their painting and decorating skills in the Centre Fold Gallery. ShowMckinley as they are now known are two of the UK’s hottest illustration talents. No joke. Check these links…

Rosto and Foxy Paw from RWC first met ShowMckinley at the Street Sketchbook launch in London late last year. Both were absolute legends.

Partly Beast, Party Fowl - illustrations, drawings and paintings by Guy Mckinley and Showchicken opens on Friday 12th December at 6:30pm. FREE BOOZE.

If you want to take a trip over to Guernsey you can get cheap flights here...

If you make the effort to come over email us ( and we'll make it a trip you won't forget.

All artworks will be for sale at reduced prices compared to the UK, due to the fact that our gallery doesn't take any commission, so start saving your pennies now and grab an absolute bargain. You can view some of Guy McKinley's prints here...

If you want any let us know and we can pre-order them for collecting from the exhibition.


Centre Fold Gallery
Trinity Square Centre
Trinity Square
St Peter Port

Exhibition opening times
Mon - Fri: 5:30pm - Late (unless we are in the pub)
Sat: 10:30am - 6:30pm
everyone is welcome and entry is free

Monday, 17 November 2008

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Interactive Youtube Adventure

This is warned.


A while ago the RWC crew got into films and books that toyed around with narrative and the order of events. Today the RWC crew found this...

Palindrome - Dir. Philippe Barcinski / Brazil / 2001

In a single day a man loses everything, and we watch it all backwards. Time's arrow bent back the wrong way. This is compulsive viewing.

Love In A Backward World - Dir. Chris Vincze

Friday, 14 November 2008

My Xerox Weighs a Ton

Here are RWC we know the power of the simple photocopier, we know the photocopier is good for more than just this...

...And so do our friends at XEROX art zine, which is available from the Centre Fold Gallery in Trinity Square, St Peter Port, Guernsey. If you just happen to live somewhere else, you can visit XEROX art zine here...

go check for words and stuff.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

You Tube For President

Youtube not only helps pass the time at work, it's actually useful for something. No joke. Back in 2004 Youtube didn't even exist (I know!) and spodcasting wasn't even a word, video compression was still so glitchy and pixelated that everybody looked like Max headroom and myspace was just a little fledgling.

Max Headroom (circa 1985)

Well, times have changed since the last presidential campaign. The internet was a key player in the Kerry-Bush election but not on the monumental scale that it is today. Social networks became a massive vehicle for political message delivery and consumer generated content, often outperformed traditional media.

The younger less technophobic population could access thousands of videos that made McCain and to an even greater extent, Sarah Palin, look like complete chumps (although it could be argued that they did this themselves). Obama, who strangely enough is not related to Bin Laden, intuitively used this new digital environment to its fullest. He quickly gathered nearly 1million “friends” on MySpace and went viral on Internet video with his message and persona. He had an immediate presence on YouTube with his own channel not to mention the young fanatics generating their own content of McCain and Palin mockumentaries. Amazing.

McCain Headroom

So what better way to sit back and watch his amazing acceptance speech then via the info-web.