Saturday, 31 May 2008

The place where merriment is king!

The RWC Crew haven't hit up NYC for about a year and a half now, We think a trip is long over due.

One of our favorite places in NY is Coney Island...

Coney Island, "the place where merriment is king!"

Take a trip back in time 50 years and see a million old school New Yorkers beat the heat by hitting the beach.

See Side Shows! Carnies! Freaks! Thrill rides! Includes the original Coney Island Hot Dog, the Bathing Girl Review, and people getting sick on rides.

One of the reasons we love Coney so much is the retro nostalgia that goes with it. The fun fair is still there with it's rickety roller coasters and rides.

Espo (He's got the dopest haircut ever!), one of RWC crews favorite NYC filth merchants has painted a series of signs out at Coney Island. Most of the stuff is at the Coney Island Sideshow and Museum. Next door, the bumper cars signs got hooked up, as well. Check out the steps leading up into the museum if you get the chance, as there are a series of different lettering styles on those.

Up until late last year Espo ran the Dreamland Artist Clubhouse on Surf Ave in Coney.

The Dreamland Artist Clubhouse was a combination social club, salon, and functioning sign shop and served as a nexus for the artists and the community of Coney Island. The front of the shop had a showroom and meeting space, with signs covering the walls floor to ceiling. The back was a sign shop where the artists create their own works and are available for sign commissions. By operating a functioning workspace, ESPO de-mythed the process of making art, returning it to a blue-collar craft that was right at home on Surf Avenue.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Tape It Back To The Old Skool

Who needs Serato when you've got a C90 collection. DMC should start a new category. Another quality steal from Al (sorry)

If you dig that, peep this...

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Friday, 9 May 2008

Dface does WWII - Liberation Day Special

Liberation Day is a national holiday in Guernsey, celebrating 9 May, 1945, the day when the island was liberated from the occupying forces of Nazi Germany..Although it is more than 50 years since the first celebration was held, the States Liberation and Millennium Celebrations Committee continues to organise a day full of events that everyone can enjoy.

If you want a good time on Liberation, the RWC crew suggest you hit up the Fancy Dress Bicycle Pub Crawl. This round island pub crawl normally takes in about 19 pubs and is total carnage.

Emo Tats

This is stolen from Mysterious Al's blog, the world needs to see this.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Shitdisco vs Pop Up Books

This is totally one of the best music videos of late. Video for Shitdisco's song "OK". Pop-up book puppetry at it's best! Directed by Price James. Go check him out at

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Billy Collins vs Animation

Billy Collins, former US Poet Laureate and one of America's best-selling poets, reads his poems with animation by various animators.

Noted for their intelligent humor, accessibility and observations on daily life, Collins' popular poems come alive further in a series of animated poems produced by JWT-NY.

If like the RWC crew you can't get enough of his monotone recitals go
check them out.

Subtle vs SSSR

The RWC crew have just been browsing through Youtube and re-discovered this trilogy of videos made by animation wizards SSSR; a Norwegian/Japanese animation collective who combine drawings, animated models, cut-up film and 3D computer graphics.

The music is by Subtle and these videos were included on the band's CD/DVD album 'Wishingbone' - Lex Records (LEX030)- a collection of new material, remixes & collaborations with artists such as Beck, Mike Patton and Low.

Subtle members include Doseone who is one of the founding members of Anticon records. The RWC crew discovered the joys of Anticon records about three years ago now and have rinsed the entire back catalogue and all related projects. Subtle albums are released through LEX records, but if you dig this hunt down anything by cLOUDDEAD, Hymie's Basement, Themselves, Doseone, Why?, Deep Puddle Dynamics and 13andGod.

The trilogy tells a story so be sure to watch them all, the video for 'Swan Meat' won best music video at the British Animation Awards 2006.