Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Too Dazed on the Rock

Kiki and Rosto from RWC knocked together a short section for the premier of 'Too Dazed on the Rock 3'. Too Dazed is a locally filmed skate movie set to make Guernsey skaters get productive and creative. Skaters work in pairs to film a short section over two days on the weekend and then they have 5 days to edit the film. All the sections are then compiled and screened at the Centre Fold Gallery with the premier being the first time that all the skaters see each others sections...

Kiki and Rosto

2 DAZED ON THE ROCK 3 from Liam Gleeson on Vimeo.

Mop, Lime, Jake and Disco Steve

Nick Brouard and Craig Corlett

Barry Dring and PJ from Too Dazed 2008

Mop and Lime from Too Dazed 2008

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