Thursday, 12 November 2009


The RWC crew absolutely love Swoon despite that American accent that rises at the end of sentences...We also love collaborating.

Check out her latest project, it rules...

In October 2009, NYC artist Swoon and five friends came to Portland, Maine, and transformed SPACE Gallery into a playful, dreamlike, earth-hued environment. This video shows the installation process and the opening reception of this breathtaking show, and gives a glimpse into the artists' visions that inspired their work.

SPACE Gallery, Portland, Maine
10.15.2009 - 12.18.2009
A collaborative art installation by Swoon, Monica Canilao, Conrad Carlson, Ryan C Doyle, Ben Wolf, Greg Henderson, and friends.

For more info about Swoon, SPACE Gallery, and the DISTANCE DON'T MATTER show, please visit

To hear more music by Pine Smoke Lodge, who provided the score for this project, please visit

To see more videos by the filmmakers, visit and

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