Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Harold Hunter on Ed Templeton

The RWC crew just found this great video of Harold Hunter and Ed Templeton at Ed's art show 'The Golden Age of Neglect' at the Alleged Galley from a fair few years ago. Check it out...


Some old footage of a baby faced Bam in there too.

For those that don't know Peter Sutherland who made this short film is a New York City based artist. His work employs some of the techniques of traditional documentary photography to capture the hidden beauty of ordinary objects and everyday situations. He is also responsible for the book 'Autograf' which is well worth checking out.

Harold Hunter (RIP) was an NYC professional skater and actor. He was best known on screen for his part in Larry Clark's controversial 1995 film Kids playing the role of Harold.


Back in February 2006, Rosto from RWC was in New York and had arranged to meet up with ESPO in the Lower East Side just to hang out at his studio and talk about art. It was then that Rosto heard about Harold Hunter's death. On February 17, 2006, Harold Hunter was found dead from a heart attack in his Lower East Side apartment.

A couple of days later in NYC Harolds friends held a street memorial parade. He is missed and well remembered in NYC...

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